Cotton is not only the best-known and most popular textile fiber, it is in fact one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. The raw material is obtained from the seed fibers of the ripe fruits on a cotton plant. As it is so fine and soft, it is very comfortable to wear. In addition to its outstanding breathability and moisture absorption, it is also very skin-friendly, making it very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. The natural cotton fibers are long-lasting and durable.
Care instructions
So that you can enjoy your favorite OH APRIL garment for a long time, it is very important to care for it properly. You should wash our products at max. 30°C. When washing them in the machine, use a delicates washing cycle, a liquid delicate detergent and a spin cycle of max. 400 revolutions. The best way to dry these styles is by hanging them up. Do not dry cotton garments in the tumble dryer and iron at medium heat only.