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Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner peace. We chose the name Solitude for our latest fall collection to remind ourselves that some steps in life need to be taken alone. True bliss and content lies in learning to be okay with being alone without being lonely. To be able to find company within yourself creates a certain inner peace and strength.For this upcoming season our aim was to create pieces that feel like a hug. To make our costumers feel their best and most comfortable version of themselves, we chose soft and warm materials. For the knitwear, it was especially important to us that it was super soft and didn't scratch the skin. A nice hand feel was also influential on picking the other materials for this collection. The cuts are boxy yet feminine. Every style is minimalist and you can combine every piece with it each other. Our autumnal color palette is inspired by the trend colors of the coming season. We have chosen a beautiful shade of magenta, which is complimented with a bright pink. There is also a lovely shade of azure blue, a cool shade of anthracite and a soft shade of cappuccino. For the last couple of months, we have been working on something very special. To complement this collection, we created a new version of our signature Leo Print. It has a balanced color palette, in different shades of gray to match the upcoming season. So rest your heart, embrace your solitude and enjoy the comfort that comes with being alone. A safe place can be anything. You can be your own safe place, but it can also be home, a person, a place. Somewhere where your mind gets to rest. What is your safe place?