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About the Brand

Based on the saying "April does what he wants", OH APRIL embodies more than just a fashion label. It is a tribute to the unpredictability of life and the strength that lies in facing the whims of fate with determination. Carmen Kroll, entrepreneur, content creator and founder of the label, and Alina Zachries, young mother and visionary, embody this philosophy as modern women. They are determined to achieve their dreams and communicate their messages powerfully. The choice of the name OH APRIL reflects the idea that like April, who goes his own way, Carmen and Alina are determined to achieve their visions, regardless of obstacles or the expectations of others. They not only want to create fashion, but also convey a message. Through their designs they express what is important to them and bring it out into the world.

Founded in 2017, OH APRIL has built a history of commitment to quality, sustainability and fair working conditions in the fashion industry. Each garment is designed with care and manufactured in Europe, with the label working closely with medium-sized family businesses. These partnerships are in line with Carmen and Alina's belief that the clothes we wear should not only be beautiful, but should also be produced ethically and environmentally friendly. OH APRIL's unique DNA is reflected in every piece, combining minimalist elegance with urban lightness. These timeless designs are statement pieces for people who are not only interested in fashion, but also in the values ​​that stand behind it. With OH APRIL, Carmen and Alina want to inspire a movement in which self-confidence and style go hand in hand, while making the world a better place.

Our Vision

Our vision at OH APRIL is deeply rooted in our passion for fashion - because for us, fashion is not only a means to express our personality, but also an expression of fun, beauty and statements. We firmly believe that fashion should also be a statement for quality, sustainability and fair working conditions. This is exactly why we founded OH APRIL in 2017.

Our goal was to bring our love of fashion, design and lifestyle to the market in a way that is high quality and sustainable. From the very beginning, we worked intensively to find companies in Europe that meet our high standards. The companies we work with are medium-sized family businesses that have often existed for generations and in many cases have been producing clothing for the third generation. Over 80% of the employees are strong women who master their craft and inspire us at every meeting.

Each garment is handcrafted and made with care and attention to detail. As a growing company, we can control and monitor many aspects of our production chain ourselves - and we do! We attach great importance to knowing where our products come from and ensuring quality, sustainability and fair working conditions.

Of course, we are aware that we have to constantly question ourselves in order to continue improving. For us, fashion means joy of life and constant change, and we live by this principle every day at OH APRIL.


Every single OH APRIL style is made in Europe. Having production in the immediate vicinity is particularly important to us, as this means we can always keep an eye on production and all processes and minimize transport routes. We have carefully selected medium-sized family businesses to guarantee the high quality of our products and fair working conditions.

When selecting our textiles, the focus is on quality and fair production. We hardly use any animal resources for our clothing. That's why we only use synthetic leather to achieve the special aesthetic, but vegan!

We prefer to use materials of natural origin, such as cotton and linen, or natural chemical fibers such as lyocell and viscose. We have chosen a high-quality wool material for our knitwear, which, due to its natural properties and with the right care, has a high level of longevity.

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The handling of packaging materials and their further recycling also play a major role for us. That's why we're very proud that all of our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. Our shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled paper and our shipping bags are made from 100% recycled plastic. But this is just the beginning. We would like to continue to improve, especially in the area of ​​packaging and labeling, and are constantly looking for sustainable solutions.

The next step will be the labeling of our products using hangtags or care labels. For example, we would like to replace these with resource-saving alternatives such as recycled paper or products made from organic cotton. All of the steps help us create the best possible product for you and our environment. They help us to gradually move towards a more sustainable future.