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Article: Viscose



Although viscose falls within the category of synthetic fabrics, it has natural origins.
The fibers are obtained from the raw material wood and its building block, cellulose.
Viscose is comfortable and pleasant to wear and has optimal temperature regulation properties. It is very hygienic and skin-friendly and is therefore particularly well-suited to those suffering with allergies.
Care instructions

To ensure that your OH APRIL viscose styles last for a long time, it is very important to care for them. Viscose should only be washed on a delicate cycle at max. 30°C with a delicate washing detergent. It should only be spun carefully or not at all. It is possible to iron this fabric on a medium heat, and we recommend that you work with a moistened ironing cloth when doing so. Viscose is not suitable for the dryer. Please note that viscose can shrink by up to 5% the first time it is washed.