Materials & Care

When selecting our textiles, quality and fair production are at the forefront of our minds. We use hardly any animal resources for our garments. That’s why we only use synthetic leather, so that we can achieve a particular look but make it vegan!
We prefer materials of natural origin such as cotton and linen or natural synthetic fibers such as Lyocell and viscose. For our knitted garments, we have selected a high-quality woolen material that is very durable, thanks to its natural characteristics and with the right care.


How to look after your OH APRIL styles correctly: 

When washing your textiles, use a laundry bag in order to protect them.

Always turn the clothing inside out when washing so that the visible side remains beautiful for longer.

Wash the styles on a delicate cycle at low temperatures and with a low spin cycle.

Hang your clothing up to dry and try to avoid using the dryer.

Always try to repair your styles before getting rid of them in order to reduce textile waste.