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Article: Our Vision

Unsere Vision

Our Vision

We love fashion – that’s because there’s no easier way to wear your personality on the outside! Fashion should be fun, beautiful and make a statement. The statement should also be about quality, sustainability and fair working conditions. This is exactly why we founded OH APRIL in 2017. We wanted to bring our love for fashion, design and lifestyle to the market in a high-quality, sustainable way. At the outset, we really took our time to do our research and to find businesses in Europe that work in the way we want to. The businesses we work with are medium-sized family businesses that have often been passed down from one generation to the next and are often third generation clothing manufacturers. 80% of the employees are female, genuinely powerful women, who have mastered their trade and who inspire us at every meeting. Yes, every garment is handmade and is finished with love and care down to the last detail. 

As we are a growing company, we can control many parts of our production chain ourselves and retain an overview, and that’s what we do! That’s exactly what we want, right from the start: to know where our products come from and that quality, sustainability and fair working conditions are a given. Of course, we are on a path that causes us to constantly question ourselves so that we can continue to improve. Fashion means a zest for life and constant transformation, and that’s what we live for.