Wool is a natural animal fiber which is usually obtained from sheep. However, it can also come from goats and other animal species. Depending on the origin and type of wool fibers, the characteristics and strengths may differ. One popular property of wool is that it retains heat very well. That means that it is particularly good for fall and winter fashions. In addition to the insulating and warming function, wool is also very elastic, breathable and dirt-resistant.

We use 100% merino wool for all of our current knitted fashions. This is particularly notable for its very fine fibers, which make it feel pleasant against the skin. The merino wool that we use corresponds to the high quality and manufacturing standards of the Woolmark Company. This wool, which originates from Australia, is a high-quality, soft wool which is known for its sustainable production. The Australian sheep are reared in a very respectful way and are gently shorn by hand.

 Care instructions

So that you can enjoy your favorite OH APRIL garment for a long time, it is very important to care for it properly. You should wash our wool products at max. 30°C on a gentle cycle or hand wash. We recommend hand washing, because wool materials pill easily. It is best to use a wool detergent. Wool should not be ironed. Do not put wool in the dryer. We recommend drying it laid flat so that the material does not warp. Since wool has a self-cleaning effect due to its natural composition, it is not at all necessary to wash our knitwear frequently.