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Article: Linen



The natural fiber linen is obtained from the stems of the flax plant and represents a robust and durable bast fiber. The cultivation of the flax plant and the extraction of linen is a nature-friendly process, as the natural fiber is very resistant to pests and thus the use of pesticides can be dispensed with. In addition to being a strong fabric, linen has particularly good air permeability. The natural fabric thus has a cooling effect and is particularly well suited to hot summer days.

Care instructions

To ensure that your OH APRIL linen styles are long-lasting, it is very important to care for them correctly. Linen is a material that is sensitive to abrasion and should therefore only be washed on a gentle cycle or by hand at max. 30°C. When machine washing, use the delicate wash program, a liquid delicates detergent without bleach or a fabric softener and spin at max. 400 revolutions. Linen should be ironed slightly damp at medium heat. It is not suitable for the dryer. Linen is a natural material and can change due to external influences such as light or water.