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With the first part of the new spring/summer collection Evolve, we wanted to captivate the feeling of just being, the feeling of lightness and a new zest for life.
The chosen color palette is bright and colorful, it radiates the carefree attitude and positivity. The delicate and flowing materials are perfect for the upcoming spring and summer. We have chosen viscose, linen and cotton fabrics that are pleasant on the skin and also have a cooling function on hot days. In our designs we work with clean and minimalist cuts to create timeless and durable statement pieces. In today's world, one is subjected to external stress and pressure in various situations. Unfortunately, one's own mental health often falls by the wayside, so it was important for us to draw attention to this very issue with our collection.
Evolve is about finding your inner balance, turning away from negative energies, taking care of your mental health and dedicating yourself to your inner positivity. Setting boundaries, seeing yourself as a priority, letting go and committing to healthy habits are just a few examples of the themes that were important to us during the design process. One's inner strength was also a key topic, which is why we deliberately chose a colorful as well as eye-catching color scheme.